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Oainaraja started frooj Vidyauagura and led an invasion
against the Mivbamrnadar.s, v.hen a gr^at battle took place
in the month 01 Maglia of that Raktaksi year* between
his troops and those of tlis MT.r.itnunaua:is. Being unable to
withstand the attach uf rlie Itaya's ar.T.y, Ike iLiLammadan
army lied in co:,iii-io:i Thei.. K;it':].:i s-aha or Golkonda, and
2sizam Saha who was called Binary P5d-.>aha o_ Alisnadna^ara,
both these kings led an attack: but K-i-.ig- to resist
(tlie enemy taey tied. Finding* t"Lat it "vsus impossible to
defeat the Rayu's urmy. tlu-y tiok c.^'iii^el t -^tlier, ai;d
arrived at the concliiPioii vliat it w./? Vi"t ^o*:Vx to ^"h: victory
without having rco'ir^ tj some irick. Thca tacy opened
negotiations with Alii A'liila PSilusaha who was out of tlie
principal servants of the Baya. They excited his ieelLigg by
making ait appeal to his racLJ love ; iiidi.iced liim to take
an oath on his faith, God, and sword that he would keep their
pact a secret. Tliey also exacted a promise from him that he
woold convert his words into action.
The X.nubu bahn of (.-rolkouds, a;id Baairy Nizam iSahit
of" Ahuiadi'.it^ur, Iiii-.-i .g tLus bro*:>rlit Adnl^ ^ahu to their side,
piU the Rayu 1:9^1 plit^Iy :!? b.;j4 guard by deiibe. tiicly spread-
ing a ialse rniii nr tiiat tiicy v/-jr< liesiruus ui cusicludiug a
peace. They inspired coirideuctj in tiie niind ui the Raya, and
made him forget his danger. They found an opportunity to
put their pla:* into action by the tricks of Alii Adula, Sfihtt of
Vijapnra, and having joined together, they made a treacherous
attack upon Ramaraja, and captured him at a place called
Rakkasa-Dai^gadi in the luhida (^atxa) o$ the month of llagha
of the year Ruktliksi of S, S. 14:37. Having beheaded
him, they ant his head tj KasT, and became independent
masters of their respective kingdoms. The kingdom of
Rayas bruke, and the city of Vidyauagara fell iato
KarEya^appa oi1 the Sn;aU Treasury who was Hit
of the treasury of the palace beiug unable to remain ii
, P.